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Why Art Direction is Pivotal to the Success of Your Off-the-Plan Campaign

Giving substance to design through art direction – Without it we’re left with lacklustre brand experiences that are quickly forgotten.

Art direction is pivotal to the success of any brand development or creative marketing campaign. It provides substance to design. In its simplest form, art direction adds humanity to design.

Successful art direction provides definition and clarity to design and branding: it allows us to communicate a specific message to a targeted audience, with intent. It combines art and design to evoke a cultural and emotional reaction. Art direction influences our decisions each and every day. Without carefully considered art direction, all we’re left with are lackluster, sterile brand experiences that are quickly forgotten.

Design and art direction work simultaneously to deliver a message both emotionally and physically. Design is perfection in technique; art direction is about the important, yet intangible emotion that powers the design. Unfortunately, many fail to identify the power art direction provides. Many have a strong knowledge of what it takes to develop an appropriate design solution but lack the experience to provide solid art direction, resulting in well-designed pieces that miss the mark.

Making people fall in love with the dream you are selling – Creating visceral resonance in off-the-plan marketing and branding.

At Dugan O’Sullivan we are strong proponents of effective art direction and the undeniable effect it has on the success of off-the-plan marketing campaigns. A successful branding and marketing campaign is one that provides emotional resonance in the hearts and minds of the intended buyer.

We need to ensure the buying group is given every possible opportunity to fall in love with the product and lifestyle in question.

Every developer is selling the proverbial ‘dream’. That dream encompasses so much more than a home. For owner-occupiers, this will be one of the most important decisions they will ever make. They need to trust in the decision they are making. Art direction goes a long way to providing trustworthy brand and marketing experiences.

Once defined, all suppliers—especially suppliers of 3D artist impressions, should follow this art direction to the nth degree. If all suppliers are working in unison towards a common understanding it provides a solid platform for a campaigns success. This is the challenge that every developer faces and is an obvious reason they should seriously consider partnering with a branding and design agency that understands the complexities and subtle nuances of property branding and marketing.

Case Study – Carters avenue | Toorak

An intriguing insight into one of Melbourne’s most elite suburbs

Carters Avenue remains one of the most visceral and prominent developments we’ve had the pleasure of branding and marketing off-the-plan. This luxury two-home property development is located in one of Melbourne’s most sought after residential cul-de-sacs, Carters Avenue, Toorak.

Partnering with industry heavyweights, interior designers Hecker Guthrie, our primary aim was to provide a strategic solution that explores what it means to reside in Toorak, all-the-while supporting the $4.5M price tag accompanying each home. As a design agency we deeply understand the complexities and nuances of creating brands and marketing campaigns that resonate significantly in the hearts and minds of their intended market.

When dealing with unique projects such as Carters Avenue, it is important to understand the expectations and requirements that price tags such as this hold. An immaculately presented, short-run publication was created to bring physicality to an already aesthetically beautiful representation of the pair of homes.

Our attention to detail and meticulous finishing was assisted by our incredibly talented network of production suppliers and created an intimacy and permanence through physical form. Magnificent in appearance and emotive prowess, Carters Avenue featured five storeys of luxury living.

Dugan O’Sullivan – We are Dugan O’Sullivan and We are the Catalyst for Change

Change is inevitable. It allows us to challenge our confines, break boundaries and standout from the crowd. As a branding and communications agency we understand the power of change and the effect it has on people. Customer purchasing decisions are made on both an intellectual and emotional level.

We promote the growth and ongoing success of our clients by providing highly considered, strategic branding and communications that connect with both the heart and mind of their customers
—positively influencing their perceptions, experiences, emotions and decisions. Through our in-depth strategic processes and our unwavering belief in simplifying communications we develop creative solutions that engage and inspire—bridging the gap between company and customer and propelling the business further ahead.

The effectiveness of creativity is measurable only by the commercial results it achieves and the success of our clients is testament to our approach to design and branding.

We create life-long partnerships with organisations that understand the holistic benefit of change —people that expect the hard-work and outstanding execution that comes with working alongside
Dugan O’Sullivan. Through design and creative thinking, we aim to make a permanent and significant difference to the lives of our clients and their customers.

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