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Quite often we get into a discussion with clients who ask us to only create interior imagery for their project because they already have the exteriors done previously for town planning purposes.

There are a couple of key points to remember.

The primary purpose of Town Planning 3D imagery is to effectively communicate to the council members, planners and residents what the development will look like. This is not necessarily the same as the Marketing Exterior 3D Imagery.

Regularly the vantage point for the camera and the direction of the view used for Town Planning may be done in such a way so as to downplay certain elements of the development which on the other hand for Marketing purposes could well be the main selling feature of the development itself.

Another reason why not to use the same imagery follows on to the purpose of this imagery and that’s not necessarily to show the overall scale and layout of the buildings within the project.

As a case study I wanted to demonstrate this with the following example.

We created the following imagery for a VCAT mediation session for a Planning application for one of our clients:

235-WickhamRd-Angle_02_Building-with-Vegetation 235-WickhamRd-Angle_01_Building-Only

Having these images as evidence for how the development will be positioned in the local context was very effective and overall our clients succeeded in getting the permit which was great.

Then once they required 3D Marketing Imagery – they had a chat with us and our recommendation was to utilise the 3D model of the project and change the angle of the camera to a more aerial perspective to highlight entries to all the dwellings in the project rather than just showing streetscape perspectives of the development. Also to maximise the impact of the image – we suggested a night time render for a bit more oomph 🙂

The client agreed with our suggestions and so as a result we created the image you can see below:


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