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In the last 12 or so months, as technology continues to evolve a new way of presenting and showcasing projects is emerging.

This we believe will become one of the most effective advances in the way of utilising technology to present property developments off-the-plan.

A way to immerse prospective buyers into a virtual visualised space is now possible through what is coined “Augmented Reality Marketing“.

The principle of this is the use of a gyroscope in the iPad or iPhone or Android powered devices. This is then connected with the 3D Model by a “gaming 3D engine” like Unity 3D.

So when the user interacts with the mobile device, the device shows the interior or the exterior of the project to how it would actually look like when it is completed.

And whilst animations and walkthroughs have been used for this previously, the ability for the user to interact with the 3D space much more intimately is far more effective.

What makes the experience that much more impressive is the fact that whilst moving the phone or a tablet – we can see through the camera lens into space that has something else there that is totally virtual.

A screenshot of one of the scenes is below:

Photo 21-01-13 2 19 47 PM

This is hard to describe in words and is much better seen in a live demonstration.

Contact us through the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly to showcase how this incredible technology really works.

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