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Requirements for 3D Photo-montage Visualisations for VCAT Purposes

  • An accompanying written statement, explaining the methodology used in the preparation of images
  • The identity and qualifications of persons involved
  • The name and version of the software program(s) used
  • The methodology used to collect relevant data (for example whether survey data was obtained from topographical maps or field work)
  • The camera brand and model, and whether digital or SLR
  • Camera lens size and type; whether the camera was horizontal or tilted and, if tilted, at what angle
  • Time of day and date of all relevant data, including when photographs were taken, and when survey information was obtained
  • The height above ground level from which all images were taken/would be viewed
  • Details of any existing elements that were reconstructed or modified (other than the proposal itself), such as modifications to existing vegetation, re-instatement of cross-overs, and the like
  • Any assumptions relied upon
  • A plan showing the location from which all images were prepared/would be viewed, and the angle of view
  • A photograph of existing conditions
  • Two photo-montages of the proposal, based on the same lens type/size and location as the existing conditions photograph, to enable direct comparisons: i) without any proposed landscaping; ii) with proposed landscaping, including delineation of the proposed building outline in the background*.

* Planners often ask us not to include the building outline, as it can create confusion

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