2D Floorplans and Floorplates for Visualising Scale of Projects | Eagle Vision

2D Floorplans and Floorplates for Visualising Scale of Projects

One of the key products that we deliver at Eagle Vision Property is coloured up 2D Floorplans and 2D Floorplates for projects.

Although they don’t seem quite as important, they are pretty vital to the success of marketing campaigns and effectiveness of displaying scale and layouts to prospective purchasers.

Typical architectural plans contain a number of dimensions, flat furniture and other items that often confuse typical purchasers rather than exciting them about the prospect of how their future home or investment will look like internally.

Our floorplans and floorplates are colourful and contain 3D imagery exported from 3D Studio Max and AutoCAD into Photoshop and then laid out as per the architectural plans to ensure accuracy of dimensions and straighforward colours identify various rooms, “wet” areas and landscaping features to bring colour and life into the otherwise bleak floorplans.

Have a look at the gallery below for examples of some of the 2D floorplans and 2D Floorplates we have created for past projects.

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