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In order to sell apartments off-the-plan, meaning prior to having constructed the development – more and more developers are using virtual imagery that presents what the building will look like to present to prospective purchasers.

This imagery has always been described in a number of different ways and here we will attempt to present a discussion on this topic to clarify any misconceptions around this.

Visually what we do is shown in the flowchart below:


The property development imagery itself has been termed differently amongst different circles and this has further added to the confusion. Some of these include:

  • Artist Impressions
  • Property Imagery
  • Architectural Visualisations
  • 3D Property Images
  • Marketing Imagery for Property Developments
  • Off-the-plan Project Marketing Imagery

We have always preferred to use the term Artist Impressions as that implies that there is an artistic level of creativity that is added to the 3D model to represent reality. In architectural circles, what we do is described as architectural visualisation and then property developers quite often refer to it as “Project Marketing Imagery”.

Have a look at the gallery below for some of the imagery we have created to assist property developers sell their apartment projects off the plan.

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