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3D Interiors

3D Interior Visualisation is a virtual representation of interior spaces – Living room, Kitchen & Meals areas, Foyers of buildings, Bedrooms and Bathrooms as well as any other ancillary areas that involve interior design and furniture placement.

In the creation of the images for 3D Interiors – we follow a similar process to our 3D exterior perspective work, to create images like what you see below.

In the 3D interior image above – all of the items are created in 3D virtual space – couch, chairs and other furniture all inside the 3D model of the living area of this apartment. Once the model is populated and lighting is installed – the background photo of the view is inserted into the windows to create a realistic appearance of what would be seen from the apartment.

 3D Interior Creation Process

The creation process of our 3D Interior imagery is made through the following process:

 Stage 1: Drawings Analysis

Within this stage – provided CAD or PDF drawings are analysed to confirm that the interior elevations match up to the floorplan and we have adequate documentation to begin the modelling process from. By doing this we are able to quality control what we have been provided and scope out any additional items that may be required – for example furniture styling.

Stage 2: 3D Model Construction

As the name describes – we now go through the process of creating the geometry of the 3D interior space including the kitchen cabinetry details provided by the designers.

Stage 3: Furniture and Scenery Population

Through this stage of the creation of the 3D Interior – we either utilise our own inhouse furniture stylist or we work with the interior designer of the client to fill out the space provided with appropriate to the style of the development furniture to prepare the scene for lighting and rendering it out to completion.

Stage 4: Lighting and Post-Processing

One the scene has been populated with all the items as per the client’s requests – we then proceed to the next step of adding materials and lighting to the space and rendering it out. Rendering refers to a process of taking a wire-frame model and through the computer software simulation (We use industry leading 3D Studio Max software), the image is created which represents a certain time of day and the lighting can be controlled internally through placement and intensity variables.

Once the image is lit up and rendered – we take this image through a colour correction and other graphic effects work either in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe After-Effects software to add more realistic effects as necessary.

This post was a discussion of our internal process for the delivery of 3D interior images to you – for more information, get in touch with us either by phone ( 1300 208 177) or email us for any questions.

The gallery below shows some of the examples of our 3D interiors:

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