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3D Exteriors

At Eagle Vision Property, we specialise in the creation of high-quality 3D Exteriors for marketing development projects off-the-plan.

3D exterior perspectives can be made more lifelike by the use of scenery elements like trees, foliage, cars and people.


In the 3D exterior image above – we have utilised an ArchiCAD 3D model provided by the architect, which we then embellished with realistic textures as per the specifications from the clients and then added lighting for the night time scene and added scenery elements of cars, people and landscaping to make it more realistic and attractive.

3D Exterior Creation Process

The creation process of our imagery follows the diagram below:

 Stage 1: Drawing Analysis

Your designer’s drawings are analysed to confirm that the latest CAD drawings provided all match up. In this process we align the elevations to the floorplans in 3D space which then allows us to rotate the model and confirm the geometry is accurate.

This provides a level of quality control upfront so we can ensure that once the 3D model is created, it will be accurate.

Stage 2: 3D Model Constructed

Using industry standard and award-winning software 3D Studio Max Design, we create the 3D model of the project in its entirety.

This way if you are getting multiple shots created from the same model – it works out at a considerably better value than if only one exterior image is rendered out.

Stage 3: Materials, Lighting and Scenery Population

All materials from the Schedule of Colours and Finishes are applied to the model as specified. Within the 3D exterior scene – landscaping elements, trees, plans and flowers as well as people, cars and any other scenery elements are added.

Stage 4: Post-Processing and Image Delivery

Lighting, Rendering and Post-processing is applied and images are delivered to you upon confirmation that you are happy with the draft level of the 3D exterior image.

This post was a discussion of our internal process for the delivery of 3D exterior images to you – for more information, get in touch with us either by phone (1300 208 177) or email us for any questions.

The gallery below shows some of the examples of our 3D exterior images

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