W Apartments – 3D Visualisation & Graphics for a Project Marketing Package

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To create a comprehensive project marketing package for a boutique apartment development in a rapidly transforming area of Port Adelaide.


From the initial brief and evaluation of the project, it felt like the area needed a showcase project to relate back to the heritage of the location and the wool processing area that it once has been. After a number of concepts, W Apartments 1855 was the branding that was decided on as the area was officially declared a corporate town in 1855.

All the other elements followed in line with this branding. Colours were carefully chosen and 3D visualisation for the project was similarly guided by the warmth of the W concept.

Client Feedback:

Our clients were delighted with the overall outcome of the project. Here was their feedback:

“Professionalism at its finest. Thank you, Stan, for all your help over and above. You’re a gentleman!
I would say Stan is the one to use 100% not negotiable.”

Anthony Logozzo, Dominion Homes.

3D Showcase:

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July 30, 2019

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