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VCAT Photomontages for a Medium Rise Apartment Development


With a short timeframe, create VCAT certified photomontages for the proposed apartment development in a growth area of Whittlesea.


Utilising our knowledge and key contacts – we organised site photography, camera point analysis and delivered imagery that allowed our clients, solicitors acting on the project and town planner providing expert evidence to showcase how the building would fit within the neighbourhood streetscape.

To increase accuracy, we modelled up existing context in 3D space to ensure that when the images were produced – they would represent real-world environment with a highest degree of accuracy.

As per the VCAT regulations, two sets of images were produced – one showing how the building would look without landscaping and one showing the proposed landscaping design.

Ultimately our clients were succesful in their VCAT hearing and the permit was issued for the development with minor amendments.

3D Showcase:

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July 17, 2015

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