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VCAT 3D Visuals for High Density Residential Project


In an extremely short timeframe to create 5 Visuals for an upcoming VCAT hearing for a large density residential project in the city of Moreland.


Three of the visuals were to be created from a public pathway about 300m away from the site over a hill – so knowing exact RL levels of the camera points as well as the visible 3D objects helped establish camera locations. 3D survey of the site was also utilised to ensure accuracy for the photomontages.

As we were going through the photomatching – it became apparent that in Point 4 the building wasn’t even going to be visible – and our methodology was presented to the planning solicitors working on the case.

Oblique streetscape photomontages were also created to assist with the planning application.

Client Feedback:

Efficient and responsive

~ Sophie Whittakers, Lucent Capital

3D Showcase:

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September 25, 2017

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