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VCAT 3D Photomontages – Medium Density Townhouses


To deliver 3D VCAT photomontages for a proposed 8 townhouse development in Reservoir, VIC


After meeting with the architect and town planner on site and selecting 5-6 camera points – we surveyed the points to ensure we had them recorded as the clients only needed 2 camera views. When these 2 camera views were selected, we photo-matched them in 3D also using some of the hardscape elements that were surveyed on site.

Once the photo-match was completed, the model was rendered out and post-produced to show a “before” and “after” scenario. These images along with the methodology report were circulated around 20 days prior to the VCAT hearing to give everyone sufficient time to review.

As the time drew closer to the hearing, we were called in to VCAT to provide expert witness feedback on the images and be available to answer any questions that may arise from the objectors.

The project received approval to the permit from VCAT and we couldn’t be happier for our clients.


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June 25, 2018

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