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For a boutique community of 38 future homes, the developer needed an effective way to visualise the project.


This was quite an interesting project as the location of it was in an old quarry by the side of a mountain so one of the biggest questions from the prospective buyers was – “how would my home look and what kind of views would I be able to see from the house?”.

Here are some of the photos of the site as well as neighbouring houses which are quite upmarket so in this well-established area of Brisbane, the site provided quite a unique challenge of highlighting the beautiful rolling hills whilst also answering the prospective buyers’ questions of the estate layout.

Initially, the idea was to create a streetscape perspective, but when we created the overall model and produced clay cameras – the views didn’t really inspire very much and the project could have been anywhere without highlighting the uniqueness of the project.

So with some discussion with the clients, we proposed an alternative approach to showcase the estate in an aerial photomontage. Once the drone footage was completed, the proposed 3D visualisation presented a much more complete picture of the future community.

The clients were thrilled with the final result and buyers had their answers too with a number of registrations for the house and land packages showing that the imagery worked.

3D Showcase

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July 5, 2020

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