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Sunvale Residences – 3D Visuals for Large Residential Development

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Deliver 6 marketing 3D renders for a large residential development in Melbourne’s west.


One of the main advantages of this project was the adjoining public parklands with a playground and skating rink.

So to bring across the realism, we rebuilt the skating rink as well as other proposed playground equipment to help showcase what it would be like for the residents living there in the future. Working simultaneously on the interior and exterior images, the overall delivery timeframe was achieved in time for the marketing campaign.

Client Feedback:

“The experience is always great, I instantly trust the level of quality and am confident the renders will be to our standard and expectation. Stan & Adriana have been very responsive to all my emails, which has been very helpful also.

I definitely would [recommend], as again I rely on the quality of work produced by Eagle Vision and the relationship made. Eagle Vision provide high quality renders.”

Deniz Ahmet,

Marketing Manager,

Varcon Constructions


3D Gallery:

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April 24, 2017

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