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Proposed Medium-Rise Apartment Building Visual Impact Photomontages


To create effective 3D photomontages for a medium density apartment project in Portarlington, Victoria.


Aside from the conversion of the Sketchup model of the project and ensuring accuracy per the CAD plans, the main challenge in this set of images was the distance that the photos were going to be taken from. The main contentious aspects of the application were the sightlines from the neighbouring street and the view from the ferry terminal as the nearby houses were all low rise, whereas the proposal was for a 5 storey building.

Through our methodology process of locating the cameras effectively in 3D space (read the article 5 Steps to Effective 3D Photo-montages for more information about our process), we completed the photo-matching utilising the massing of block shapes to represent the neighbouring buildings and fencing.

3D Showcase:

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October 4, 2020

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