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For two upcoming land estates for Suburban Land Agency department of the ACT government – parkland/playground areas were to be visualised for a marketing campaign.


Within a reasonably tight timeframe to deliver the two images, once the overall estate layout was completed in 3D – we identified the optimal camera angles to showcase the playground areas and how they would interface with the housing estate. A number of custom 3D models were also created for the playground equipment pieces specified to further detail the 3D environment.

Client Feedback:

Thank you very much for your professional and timely approach to the Suburban Land Agency’s renders. In particular I was impressed with your attention to detail, producing great quality renders, excellent communication to ensure you obtained the plans required to produce the best possible outcome and efficiently providing revisions.

I was really impressed, despite the timing issues (which didn’t end up being issues at all), your project management meant you were able to keep your eye on the ball at your end and chase me whenever you needed to!

We are incredibly happy to have been able to work with you and your team, definitely a positive experience for somebody like me who has never worked on renders before!

Please provide a huge thanks to your team.

Chantelle Lustri

Sales and Marketing Campaign Manager

Suburban Land Agency | ACT Government


3D Showcase:

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February 14, 2018

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