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Assembly Broadmeadows – Commercial Industrial 3D Visualisation Photomontages



Create a range of photomontages and eye-level artist impressions of the upcoming industrial estate to replace the Ford factory in Campbellfield, Victoria. This is a significant parcel of land of approximately 70,000 sqm so the range of images needs to showcase the various uses of the proposed industrial estate from commercial offices and retail outlets to food services and service stations.


As the project was largely conceptual, a large portion of our imagery was going to be about the design study of the estate and we leaned heavily on our existing library of commercial and industrial buildings to fill out the estate.

The main key was for this imagery to be representative of potential uses of the space and while we were developing the imagery, a separate tangent was explored for one of the areas to become a community food production and retail facing plaza.

You can see more information about the project at our client’s website: Assembly Broadmeadows

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October 11, 2020

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