3D Planning Photomontages – 22 Apartment Project in Brighton, Melbourne

3D Planning Photomontages – 22 Apartment Project in Brighton, Melbourne


Within a short turnaround time, to deliver 2 photomontages of the project to support the application for the Bayside City council presentation.


Working with BPM Corp, Keen Planning and Rob Mills Architects – we coordinated the delivery of the solution within the space of time provided and to the ultimate result of supporting the planning application with a positive result from the council meeting.

Having gone through this process many times, we advised the clients on the consultants to be used and coordinated the photographer and the surveyor on site with the townplanner to confirm the angles of the camera.

For our full description of the town planning photomontage process – have a read of this article: 3 Keys to Effective 3D Photomontages for Council & VCAT

As a result the client received the preview images with a full week to spare to adjust any final items as were required.

Click on the images in the gallery to view them in full scale.

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