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Excite Your Buyers to Make Decisions

Powerful photo-realistic 3D architectural visualisation stimulates buyer inquiry & action!

Our Clients Achieved 30% Conversion from Inquiry

“Working with Stan and his team has been a genuine pleasure. At the outset of the project we had a number of tight timelines to meet and were impressed with the commitment we got from Eagle Vision to meeting these.” – Redmond McNamara, National Pacific Properties.

5 Insights to 3D Visuals for Effective Off-the-Plan Marketing Campaigns

Learn key insights from project research and analysis through to specific 3D imagery requirements for publishing to print and online portals for your campaigns.

7 Steps to Your Marketing Success

Our unique process to creating 3D visuals to deliver consistent and high quality results.

Project Visualisation 3D Insights

Expert Videos and blog Articles on 3D visualisation imagery for development approval permits and marketing campaigns.

Our Clients

Meet Some of Our Clients from Over the Past 500+ Projects

Download 3D Visuals Whitepaper

This definitive guide will step you through 5 key insights to understanding and improving your marketing 3D visuals for your current projects and beyond.

Who We Work With


  • We Talk Your Language

    Having been in the property development field ourselves since 2001 – we understand what needs to happen to effectively market your project and can give you advice with real experience.

  • Less Iterations & Quicker Delivery

    We spend time upfront to research and style your project with strategic thinking ahead of starting up 3D renders – thus delivering higher quality images to you with fewer iterations.

  • Property Development Specialists

    We only work in property visualisations, we stay on top of all the latest in project marketing.

  • We Make Things Easy For You

    For experienced property developers, we make things easy because we understand what you are going through and can make useful recommendations from our own experience.

Architects / Town Planners

  • Professional Background and Accreditation

    VPELA-logo We are members of Victorian Planning and Environmental Law Association (VPELA). We actively participate and progress our professional development in the industry on presentation of 3D photomontages and understanding of Council & Tribunal rules and regulations.

  • We Can Work with Any Architectural Documentation

    Our computer systems run the latest version AutoDesk AutoCAD and 3D Studio Max industry standard software used in generating highest quality 3D renders from the property to the film industry.

  • Proprietary Process for VCAT Accredited Photomontages

    We have developed and finetuned a process of ensuring highest level of accuracy of computer generated montages in photos for Tribunal hearings and appeals.

  • Precise and Rapid Delivery of Council 3D Perspectives

    Having being involved in hundreds of 3D presentations for development applications to Councils, our system of cross checking and building the 3D model through to Photomontage renders is finely tuned to rapidly deliver subsequent 3D images.

Creative / Ad Agencies

  • We Make You Look Good

    Your clients will love our visuals and will love you in return.

  • Strategic Advice for Property Marketing

    Let us be your “think tank” if you need intimate insights from the property development marketing world.

  • Fill in Your Gaps

    We can supplement your expertise with our specialist 3D renders or we can provide and coordinate a lot more if required.

  • Less Micromanagement

    We take care and pride in our work and through our expertise work on the imagery until it is ready for presentation.

Take a More Strategic Approach to Your 3D Architectural Visualisation

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