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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do high quality graphics really increase sales?

Almost 100% of our customers can attest that by having our imagery developed for their projects, has helped create enormous interest and attention to the project at launch. Then it is up to your marketing agent to take care of those inquiries generated and make the sales.

We provide all the tools required for a successful sale and provided you have great people dealing with prospective purchasers, the project is priced correctly and the objections are handled – there should be nothing standing between your purchasers and your project.

How can I tell if the graphic is effective?

The easiest way to tell if the graphics created for your project are effective – is how much interest are they generating from prospective purchasers. Typically as soon as the project is launched with our imagery – within days there should be inquiries coming in and provided your agent is up to task – he or she will start handling them and dealing with any questions that may come up.

The beauty of our work, is because we have been through the real world experience of marketing projects – that experience is inbuilt to your imagery to ensure they are of the highest calibre and most appealing to give you the edge in marketing your projects.

Why should I use you?

We have a finely tuned process of creating your projects in virtual space and then visualising those spaces to market your project.

Our founder, Stan Zaslavsky’s background in marketing property development projects gives us the edge in knowing how to show the project off in the best possible light. He is a licensed estate agent who has been in the field of selling development projects for over 10 years and he can guide you as well as interpret your directions of how you feel the imagery should be represented.

If you are a project manager or a property developer or a project marketer – we can save you hours in communication, because we have been there before at the “coal-face” dealing with prospective purchasers of development project and knowing those intricacies, certainly helps us produce outstanding imagery to sell your project off the plan.

If you are an architect – we can once again lean on our founder’s background in Industrial Design and Engineering to understand the accuracy required in the modelling process, and thus be able to guarantee that our spaces are accurately represented on the drawings.

What if I have an urgent job? Are you able to help me with it?

We will always do our best to accommodate any of our clients – even with rush jobs.

However, you must understand that high quality 3D imagery does not happen in an instant. We respect your project too much to provide you with anything but the best.

In urgent cases, we will do our utmost to turn around your job as quickly as possible. Additional costs may be involved if our workflow for other clients is interrupted. This will be discussed with you on a case by case basis.

Sounds expensive?

What is more expensive – holding your property until it is completed or not being able to start building at all or investing an appropriate amount of marketing budget to ensure that all the angles of your marketing are covered?

As a typical rule of thumb guideline which we have taken from marketing agents – around 1% of the construction budget should be allocated for marketing imagery and advertising – this way you can estimate what investment is required to bring your project to life and present it to your purchasers in the best possible light.

Why create 3D Artist Impressions rather than just using the Black & White plans from the architect?

Typically properties have always been sold when a purchaser can walk through it and touch and feel the surroundings.

Most purchasers have very limited spatial visualisation skills which means that when they are looking at black and white plans – it is very hard to visualise exactly how much space is 3m by 3m room that is drawn in front of them or what is the layout of the kitchen and how well will they be able to work inside.

We make these imaginary spaces appear real by creating accurate 3D models which can visually communicate to your purchasers exactly what kind of space and finish they are potentially purchasing. And this means that we remove the guesswork and provide your potential purchasers clarity and easy to understand images of what you are proposing to be built.

My architect has already created 3D images from town planning – I will just use these for the marketing campaign?

The difference between our imagery and the imagery you may have received from your architect from the town planning process – is that our images are created to sell your project to end purchasers.

During the council process, the architect skilfully creates plans and imagery to help convey your project to the council members and the residents of the area nearby. Thus their work is almost always slanted towards creating as minimal disruption to the existing context as possible. This may mean that the scenery is minimised and colours are possibly subdued.

We create your imagery to sell your project to the potential purchasers who want to see lifestyle, who want to see maximum colours and scenery to feel themselves in the project. Our images are designed to compel and evoke an emotional response from your potential purchasers – thus both sets of images are done for two different purposes.

Ultimately the imagery created in the “artist impression” process will make the difference between selling your project off the plan, thus increasing your profits and securing your construction versus having to wait until the project is possibly completed before you can sell any of the properties in the development.

I can get it done cheaper?

There are certainly other providers who may do it cheaper for you – but you have to ask yourself the question – is it worth the risk?

Are you prepared to face the chance that your work gets delivered 3-4 weeks late or the communication breaks down in the process because your chosen provider is overseas and there is no way of knowing what they are doing at any point in time?

A property development project is a major investment and should be treated with the respect it deserves. If at the very crucial point in the overall process which is the marketing imagery, it is produced incorrectly – that alone could delay or disrupt the smooth experience that you might have had at this stage and can cost thousands of dollars in delays and issues.

We are locally based and our production team has the quality control in place to deliver your imagery to the highest standard and produce the results you need to effectively market your projects. With a phone call away and extensive knowledge of both the marketing world and the computer technology – we guarantee your satisfaction with the imagery produced!

Do you have any referees?

Click here to read some of our latest client experiences as well as we can provide a list of references on demand of clients that have worked with us and are absolutely ecstatic with the imagery they have received. On our feedback surveys, we have averaged 8.6 out of 10 over the last 177 projects we have completed – so just ask for the list and we’ll be happy to provide it.

I might leave it for now?

You certainly can and we understand that you may have other questions that have gone un-answered – feel free give us a call on 1300 208 177 or email us here to get them answered.

However if you have all the information necessary to make a decision, the decision to leave it for now could be the worst thing you can do because that will end up costing you further hours and possibly thousands of dollars if your project goes unsold and is delayed because the marketing imagery is not ready.

The ideal time to start marketing creation is as soon as the town planning permit (Development Approvals) are achieved. This gives us maximum time to create highly compelling marketing collateral for your project’s advertising campaign.

What do I need to provide you to request a quote?

In order for us to put a comprehensive quote together for your project – we require the following: answer a simple questionnaire and attach a set of plans of your project.

This lets us understand the entire picture of your expectations and we can work out whether that what you need we can meet with our capacity at the time.

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