Have Your 3D Suppliers Failed to Deliver the Photomontages in Time for the VCAT Hearing?

Have your project marketing campaigns failed to generate sales in the past? Have the chosen consultants provided imagery that was totally off target?

Did the Accuracy of Your 3D Photomontages Get Questioned At VCAT Hearing by Panel Members or Opposing Barrister?

Have you or your clients lost thousands in revenue because of delays in delivery of virtual imagery for your project?

Did the Statement of Methodology from Your 3D Supplier Stand up to Rigour of the VCAT Requirements?

Have you lost countless hours in trying to explain every little detail to your 3D suppliers and missed the marketing deadline target as well as cost your agency thousands in negative reputation?

Essential Guide to 3D Photomontages for Visual Impact Assessments

Have your 3D visualisations ever failed to stand up to the test at VCAT or similar mediation panels? Have they ever been questioned for accuracy or technical methodology?

Or have they ever been thrown out of VCAT because of failure to deliver the compliant visualisation in time as per the VCAT Practice notes? 

This definitive guide will step you through the 5 key insights to understanding what goes in to accredited 3D photomontages and what steps to follow in order to ensure the visual evidence is accepted and used throughout the hearing.

Who this whitepaper is for?

  • Property Developers
  • Town Planners and Barristers
  • Architects and Development Managers

Key Insights Discussed

  1. Photography – How to follow the strict process of obtaining the before photos of the streetscape.
  2. Survey – How the camera points survey is utilised in order to create accurate photo-matching.
  3. 3D Model –  How model flexibility is crucial to ensure the tight deadlines are met.
  4. Vegetation – How proposed vegetation needs to be shown on the 3D photomontages.
  5. Methodology – How the statement of methodology needs to explain the process of producing the visual impact assessments.


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