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About Stan Zaslavsky

Stan Zaslavsky established Eagle Vision Property in 2008 to work with leading property developers, architects and real estate agents in creating compelling marketing presentations of their developments.

Stan Zaslavsky has been involved in the property development industry since 2001 and since then has negotiated, sold and purchased development sites for clients to the value in excess of $52M AUD. He is a creative and versatile project marketing specialist with a background as a licensed real estate agent with over 10 years of experience in property acquisitions, sales, development and construction.

Prior to this, Stan achieved a double degree in Mechanical Engineering (With Honours) and Industrial Design, which gives him a solid background to how projects are put together as well as presentation and 3D display skills from Industrial Design.

In 1996, Stan received a highly coveted scholarship from BHP in Mechanical Engineering, which provided him for the next 5 years with the opportunity to work in various areas of the BHP Hastings Steel Works Plant. During this tenure he experienced a range of facets of engineering from designing plant equipment to managing the construction of it on site. This valuable experience he is now able to apply in understanding of complex construction projects and being able to communicate them to prospective purchasers with ease.

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