{Video} Creating an Emotional Response for Your Brand | Eagle Vision

Creating an emotional response for your brand is a primary objective for marketers and in the third episode on Brand Stories for Projects, Geoffrey Reed talks about the key steps to achieving this.

For more than thirty years, Geoffrey Reed has been at the forefront of Australian advertising, helping clients build their brands effectively in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Key topics discussed:

  • How to create consistency in brand messaging
  • The importance of controlling the creative direction of a project
  • Difference between strategic marketing plan and basic graphic design
  • How to find the right creative agency for your project
  • What are some of the elements to make the project stand out
  • The art of creating an emotional connection to your brand

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To truly understand what constitutes our brand and differentiates it from competitive brands, we must identify the distinguishing advantages our brand offers the WHO, our Prime Prospects consider for use.

Download the Brand Essence Checklist by Geoffrey Reed here to learn more about the Brand Essence process.

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