{Video} Interior Design for Multi-Residential Projects – Part 3 | Eagle Vision

Marketing high-end projects off the plan often involve the interior design of the development to be showcased.

In this episode, Rob Davidov from Davidov Architects discusses how to present it in the most effective way.

Keys discussed:

  • Quality of marketing collateral representing the project itself
  • Types of interior 3D imagery being used
  • The styling of 3D visualisation with interior design in mind
  • How display suites are representing the interior design of projects
  • Case study of a recent project in Martin Crt, Toorak and how it was marketed

Rob has also put together a concise list of ideas and inspiration designed to maximise the value a comprehensive approach to interior design can have on your next project.

Click to download the Interior Design Checklist for Multi-Residential Projects here

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