{Video} Interior Design for Multi-Residential Projects – Part 1 | Eagle Vision

High-quality interior design forms a very important part in making your property developments stand out in the very competitive multi-residential project space. In the first episode, Rob Davidov from Davidov Architects discusses what it takes to bring a project from conception to completion when the interior designer is engaged separately to the architect.

Keys discussed:

  • Creating a collaborative relationship between an architect and an interior designer
  • Interior design is not an afterthought, but integral to the success of the overall project
  • Common mistakes developers make in bringing together separate design consultants
  • How interior design can maximise outside aspects of projects

Rob has also put together a concise list of ideas and inspiration designed to maximise the value a comprehensive approach to interior design can have on your next project.

Click to download the Interior Design Checklist for Multi-Residential Projects here.

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