{Video} Justin Gehde - Top Tips from Property Developer Podcast - Part 1: Buying Phase | Eagle Vision

These top tips from Justin Gehde, the host of the Property Developer Podcast (http://www.propertydeveloperpodcast.com), will help developers take their business to the next

Tune into the podcast for regular discussions with real estate developers and people involved with the property development industry.

In the first part of the series, Justin discusses the key six tips to help you buy the right site with examples and ideas.

The tips are:

  1. Buy in AAA locations if you expect the highest returns
  2. Negotiate your settlement terms
  3. Include a development management fee
  4. If you take on investors be clear about how you will manage the relationship
  5. Have a contingency plan in place
  6. Build relationships with real estate agents, who will work hard to bring you sites and opportunities


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