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Imagine if you were able to understand exactly what your potential purchasers are feeling. The impact on the success of your marketing campaigns would be exponential. The good news is, this can be achieved strategically through emotional branding.

Emotional branding is the practice of crafting brands that directly appeal to a consumer’s emotional state, ego, innermost needs and desires. Its sole purpose is to create a bond between the consumer and a product by tapping into the emotions that solicit a call to action.

Basic psychology shows that all impulse to act is driven primarily by emotion. The rational brain, of course, has the ability to analyse and bring our impulses into line, but if these emotions hold enough strength, our rational brains can be overridden.

Below are two important considerations when attempting to appeal to the heart of a buyer, as opposed to just their rational mind.

#1 Build Interest with Authentic Experiences

When creating a project marketing campaign consider looking beyond the obvious and engage a truly authentic approach to representing your project and its surrounds. Be honest and fair in your representations.

Brunswick is eclectic, Camberwell is lively, Richmond is energetic, and to paint all locations with the same brush is to miss an opportunity to explore and shape an emotional connection with potential buyers. Take the time to speak to the locals and experience first-hand, what living in the area means to them. What do they love, what do they dislike?

Ensure you understand the dream before you attempt to sell it. In today’s climate, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to enter the property market. Millennial’s especially tend to be less interested in buying the perfect home and more focussed on finding the perfect neighbourhood and lifestyle.

A neighbourhood that aligns with their wants, needs and desires – a place where their dreams align with their potential reality. You should truly understand what matters to them and try to fulfil these desires in their language.

#2 Understand What Makes Your Market Tick

Has someone ever done something for you that wasn’t asked of them, yet their actions made a highly positive impact on your life? How did it make you feel?

It can be certain you looked at that person in a different light from that moment forward. This is called knowing someone’s deeper needs. Providing something meaningful to someone that they didn’t even realise they needed.

Customers also have deeper needs. These are the things that delight and surprise, because it’s so rare to experience this level of care and understanding. This is how emotional connections are created.

Your own actions can elicit this emotional response from your potential buyers towards your company and products. You should take the time to understand what makes your market tick emotionally and go above and beyond to fulfill their deeper needs.

Answer questions for people before they ask them. Make their job easier with considered processes. Do whatever it takes to make your customers feel as though you know them better than they know themselves.

Engaging your target market begins with truly under-standing the people within it. We can’t influence those who we don’t take the time to understand.

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