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Off-the-plan Lifestyle Branding

How to differentiate your campaign from the masses

In a flooded marketplace, how will your next project cut through the noise and appeal to owner occupiers?

If we believe the general hype: every development is unique, every development is innovative and every development offers the best property that money can buy. But where do you focus when the allure of ‘good sense property’ isn’t enough to differentiate your campaign from the masses?

There is an abundance of commendable property on the market at present. Property that is not only appealing from a liveability perspective, but also makes good financial sense. Accompanying this increasing supply of product is a heightened demand for design agencies to brand and market developments effectively. Though a branding trend has emerged where it seems ‘close enough is good enough’.

Agencies are failing to provide campaigns that extend any further than a focus on the direct features of the development itself. This is of course important, but unless the building is incredibly unique, how does the brand development and sales campaign differentiate from the countless number of developments vying for the attention of buyers? The terms quality, luxury and boutique living are no longer enough to clinch sales. The market expects more.

Increased Options Means Higher Expectations

A close enough approach to branding is no longer good enough

The characteristics internalised by each buying group create their own set of challenges that a developer must solve. Each buyer has an identity and profile based on their lifestyle choices, emotional experiences and cultural background. A developer understands how to translate these needs into property that makes sense to their buyers.

But to successfully differentiate the branding and marketing of a project from the next campaign we must create and sell a sense of belonging. A future. A dream that represents positive change and life advancement. We need to pinpoint the lifestyle aspirations a project will fulfil and market them accordingly. All owner-occupiers want to feel like they are transcending their current lifestyle. Every campaign can portray this with strength by encapsulating and exaggerating the spirit and lifestyle the product provides.

Every developer is selling the dream. That dream demands a push beyond the generic inclusion of $10 stock, latte’ sipping photography and cheap, template solutions that fail to pay respect to the life-changing decision being made by the buyer.

It’s a tricky endeavour attempting to use branding to sell a specific lifestyle. As you will imagine, there’s plenty of room for mistakes. But failure to deliver relevant and innovative brand experiences can be extremely detrimental to the overall outcome of a campaign. This is the challenge that every developer faces and is an obvious reason they should seriously consider partnering with a branding and design agency that understands the complexities and subtle nuances of property branding and marketing.

St. Joseph | Abbotsford

A unique approach to property branding in a saturated marketplace

This approach is successfully demonstrated in our work for the St. Joseph development, Abbotsford.

In 1893, St. Joseph’s Christian School in Nicholson Street, Abbotsford, opened its doors to 400 boys, later becoming St. Joseph’s Technical College—providing inner-city technical education until 1990.

In 2011, Domain Hill Property Group director Peter Cahill purchased the school with a vision. Where most would see an opportunity to develop 300 cramped apartments, Peter envisaged more. He understood the place St. Joseph held in the hearts of Melbourne’s people and duly noted the sites importance to the city’s history.

Dugan O’Sullivan were engaged as the sole branding and marketing partner of the St. Joseph development in Abbotsford. Our primary challenge was to ensure a successful and respectful campaign that subdued any derogatory views regarding the renewal of such an important site, whilst promoting the unique lifestyle provided by this once in a lifetime development.

Through our methodical processes we crafted a brand identity and marketing strategy that far exceeded traditional sales expectations. From the moment St. Joseph launched to the public it began achieving milestones reserved only for the top performers in the industry. St. Joseph seamlessly reached the 95%-sold mark within months of launch.

Dugan O’Sullivan

We are Dugan O’Sullivan and we are the catalyst for change.

Change is inevitable. It allows us to challenge our confines, break boundaries and standout from the crowd. As a branding and communications agency we understand the power of change and the effect it has on people. Customer purchasing decisions are made on both an intellectual and emotional level.

We promote the growth and ongoing success of our clients by providing highly considered, strategic branding and communications that connect with both the heart and mind of their customers —positively influencing their perceptions, experiences, emotions and decisions.

Through our in-depth strategic processes and our unwavering belief in simplifying communications we develop creative solutions that engage and inspire—bridging the gap between company and customer and propelling the business further ahead.

The effectiveness of creativity is measurable only by the commercial results it achieves and the success of our clients is testament to our approach to design and branding.

We create life-long partnerships with organisations that understand the holistic benefit of change —people that expect the hard-work and outstanding execution that comes with working alongside Dugan O’Sullivan.

Through design and creative thinking, we aim to make a permanent and significant difference to the lives of our clients and their customers.


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