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Your target market for your next project move around their individual worlds in many ways – engaged with social media, print and other influences. To ensure your next marketing campaign is handled with cost-effective style, make sure you are prepared. Launch your online campaign at the same time as you print materials – making sure that billboards and print brochures are ready for real estate agents to work with.

Today’s busy world demands instant gratification and if your audience does not receive that, 100%, doubt about your development can diminish the impact of your professional presentation – losing you those all-important early sales that are the lifeblood of your project.

Some of the keys to remember

  • Collate and present all the marketing material at one time
  • Launch online campaigns in tandem with offline distribution
  • Create a consistent message that your project is high-quality and trusted
  • Create a dedicated URL so potential buyers arrive easily at their desired online destination


  • All marketing hits the ground at once
  • Creating a consistent, comprehensive vision showcases your professionalism
  • Gaps in your presentations leave unanswered questions that raise doubt – and lose sales
  • Launching across multiple platforms creates the high visibility that inspires a buzz around your project’s brand



Ardor Development

To sell ‘luxury’, the senses need to be aroused. Luxury conjures up thoughts of more than just visual cues – but the added extras of feelings, mood and status. So, to ensure the marketing of this boutique, luxury off-the-plan apartment development sold well, we created imagery that connected potential buyers with all the benefits of these stunning properties.

Our creation of both exteriors and interiors of the million-dollar townhouse completed the marketing package of 3D images – inspiring potential buyers to want to experience the quality that was on display. The launch was extremely successful because the marketing was multi-faceted – connecting with potential buyers across multiple platforms, with a brand personality that was aligned, professional and visually exciting.

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