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We love working with developers and market­ing agents who know what they want. Being told the aesthetic details on a specific couch, or coffee table, or the type of indoor plant that will work in the corner of the room, the texture and colour of the rug on the polished concrete floor, or the sculptures that soften the hard lines – this is the stuff of true happiness when it comes to communicating efficiently with your visual imagery experts. When a developer is at­tached to the outcome of their project’s market­ing imagery, it helps us know what they want and how to deliver it – a way to create a beauti­ful project that attracts buyers.

  • Knowing our clients’ expectations sets the right boundaries
  • Scope of work is easily identified
  • Research and professional presentation ensures accurate delivery of client’s needs.
  • Delivery of completed work is time-effective.
  • Quality of product is superior and gets results.


Is you exterior scenery ready?

  • Have you selected the type of people and cars you would like to see in the street?
  • Do you want a daylight image or a night-time image?
  • What is the most appealing single feature of your project?
  • Have you considered all the textures and details?

Is you interior scenery ready?

  • In the kitchen, have you chosen a table and chairs that suit the overall style you want to create?
  • What do the table furnishings, tea-towels, cookbooks, vases or fruit bowls say about your brand?
  • In the living rooms, have you selected the couch, the coffee table and the rug? Are they right for your target?
  • How do sculptures, indoor plants and artworks represent the project’s style and identity?
  • In the living room, does the choice of electronic equipment – TV, stereo, computer – complement the design?



Savvy Apartments

We recently worked on a project with a marketing agent who had a background in interior design. She was very particular with her choices and our experience was much more enjoyable and productive because she clearly knew what she wanted. This made our ability to visualise her concept and exceed her expectations even easier. She made strategic decisions about colour schemes, tables, chairs, couches and more.

The result was a project that looked completed – something that definitely helped attract buyers who found it easy to imagine their own lives in that space. When it came to the exterior – as an option, there was going to be a gym on the ground floor – the styling was similarly edgy and contemporary, which added to the overall look that was consistent with the interior 3D images. The ultimate result looked like a fashion magazine shoot and, while we are aware that most developers don’t have interior design degrees, it is a useful reminder that careful planning and research makes a massive difference in the quality of the visuals.

If you need help putting the finishing touches on your project before your marketing visuals are done, engage a professional interior design consultant to guide the creative direction of your project. You’ll be glad you did.

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