Project Marketing Visuals - Cost or Value? | Eagle Vision

This video is on the topic of Cost vs Value in 3D Visuals when it comes to marketing development projects off the plan.

Often the developers overlook this very important factor in Project marketing visuals and instead focus on the cost of the 3D imagery instead.

We discuss the benefits and costs of using various suppliers, what are recommended budget allocations for project visuals for optimum effect and the 5 Factors to keep in mind when considering Value vs Cost of 3D visuals.

We also discuss a recent case study where the graphics for the project had to be remedied after the client was delivered poor quality imagery and didn’t have the time to start from scratch.

Watch and learn about the following key points:

*Marketing Statistics To Maximising Selling Projects Off the Plan
*Budget allocation for Optimum 3D Visuals
*Marketing Imagery Value vs Its Cost

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