Social Media Marketing for Projects - Interview with Nurit Brukarz from Motion Property | Eagle Vision

In our continuing series of interviews with the experts in the industry – we decided to bring you a brief discussion into the current hot topic of how effective is social media marketing for property developments.

Listen in as Nurit Brukarz, Marketing Director of Motion Property Group, one of Melbourne’s leading project marketing companies – discusses the three big social media channels – Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and how to use each one most effectively.

Nurit’s property career started at a tender age of 15, as the Saturday receptionist at her father’s local real estate agency.

In her highly successful career, Nurit has held positions in a multitude of industry disciplines, including Property Management, Trust Accounting and Business Development.

Nurit’s current role, as Marketing Director at Motion Property has allowed her the ability to focus on marketing property in an innovative and cost effective manner. She has been involved in the successful project marketing of inner city developments such as Atlantis Tower, Barkly Theatre, The Coromandel and Habitat Apartments.

Unashamedly passionate about property, Nurit has a sound knowledge of investment strategies and a keen interest in developing the type of strong and exciting marketing plans that are destined to see her continue to make her presence felt well into the future.

Click the video below to view the interview:

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