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A fascinating trend is upon us and to keep up with it – we have ventured into the new frontier – mobile apps for the Apple iPad/iPhone iOS system and Samsung tablets working on the Android operating system.

In an article from the Business Insider, Jeff Cavins writes: “The explosive uptake of tablet computers is fueling the growth of what I like to call a new “iPad economy,” which is sending shock waves through the business world. The iPad is shifting the way businesses function, changing how executives interact and transforming the economics of today’s business operations.

Few products in recent memory have experienced faster growth than the iPad. Through the end of 2011, Apple had sold 55 million iPads, which are now selling at a rate of about 60 million units a year.

iPads are also making rapid inroads into the world of corporate computing, where more than 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies are reportedly testing or deploying them. Forrester Research expects companies to purchase $10 billion worth of iPads in 2012, and another $16 billion in 2013.”

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Essentially what this means for the property development world, is that mobile search is well upon us and in order to keep up with the habits of our prospective purchasers – we need to provide them the platform to view our projects within the customer’s preference.

We have started prototyping a number of applications and have underway a couple of test cases – so within the next few months, expect to see Eagle Vision mobile apps coming through.

Feel free to get in touch with us for further details.

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