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Having an accurate 3D model of the development before rendering is done is critical.

We go through a process internally called “3D Alignment” – this allows us to double check the drawings supplied from your designers and match up floorplans to elevations to ensure that all the line work is aligned.

What this means is that when the 3d model is built – it is absolutely accurate to how your designers meant for it to look.

What this means further more importantly is that when your purchasers secure a unit in your development, they will get exactly what they expected for the visuals that were supplied to them at pre-purchase stage.

  • Cross checking the development allows to quality control the work of the designer
  • Presenting accurate imagery at purchase stage alleviates misunderstandings at completion
  • Avoids legal disputes as imagery is representing your design and it’s legally enforceable

The 3 Consequences that Clients May Face If the Model is Inaccurate

  1. Legal ramifications of incorrect imagery representing what will be included in the image
  2. Disproportionate dimensions of items in the image can deter buyers
  3. Time delays in having to correct the model, leading to time delays in getting the marketing campaigns up and running

Case Study

In our internal processes we always double check our own quality by aligning the model with the elevations and the floorplans to ensure they match up.

This is done in 3D space and then by rotating the model that is created – it is easily seen whether any of the elevations or floorplans don’t line up. We had an external contractor provide a 3D model for a past project and having gone through a quality control check – it seemed like a lot of elevations were almost a 100mm out from what they should be.

Had we not checked this and seen it at the early modelling stage – we potentially could’ve created images both misrepresenting the project and also the potential for the image to look out of scale. And since the purchasers are much more sophisticated nowadays, that could have been disastrous for both the project marketing team and ourselves.

Having an accurate 3d model is like a house built on a solid foundation – everything matches up and it stands the test of time

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