{Client Testimonial} Victor Velgush, Refined Real Estate | Eagle Vision


Dear Stan,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at Eagle Vision Property for an outstanding job.

You created a set of images that truly reflected the sense of style and quality of the project to allow us to sell it at the highest price without even putting down the footings! I would also like to commend you on your strategic advice and expertise, the images that were created, highlighted areas of the project which were the  most appealing to our prospective purchasers and has made our job so much easier! In fact we had people calling us already excited asking how they could buy and were they not too late!

Previously our images from other companies were less life like and did not stand out from competitor product, and now we are hooked on the creativity and imagination of the images from Eagle Vision Property. Coupled with excellent communication, and fantastic response time we couldn’t have asked for a better company and are very confident to recommend Stan and the team to anyone we come into contact with.

The quality of the images is beyond compare and in hind sight not using Eagle Vision previously has cost us a lot of money! It a mistake we will not be repeating and we certainly always use EVP for any future projects of this kind.

With thanks


Victor Velgush

MD Refined Real Estate


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