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Regular communication with your consultants on the project is vital. In our own workflow process, we utilize an online client communication centre that allows our clients to login by themselves and keep abreast of the progress on the development.

As the developer ultimately it is your project and you’re responsible for the overall outcome.

Having a regular channel of communication with the providers, will show them the level of commitment you have and they will too pull up to the challenge.

We often find that those developers who are regularly communicating with us – get quicker turnaround and better images overall as their feedback is regular and easy to act on.

  • The squeaky wheel always gets oiled!
  • Make yet another phone call to the agent or your consultants
  • It’s your project – take responsibility
  • All people on the project will pay more attention
  • Not about being nice – about getting a result!

The 7 Reasons Why Keeping Tabs on Your Suppliers Regularly is Vital to the Success of Your Project

  • Get regular updates on the progress
  • Be able to deal with problems upfront before they escalate
  • Maintain good relationships with your suppliers
  • Keep personal responsibility on the project
  • Maximize your return from the development
  • Speeds up delivery of your visuals
  • Ensures high quality imagery with regular feedback

Case Study

One of our biggest frustrations is when we need to constantly remind some of our clients on providing us feedback on the visuals provided during the process. Recently we were dealing with a project which the client decided that the architect should handle all the feedback on the visuals.

Unfortunately what this client didn’t realize is that the architect had already a large workload which delayed feedback on their project.

Consequently three weeks after the original images were delivered, there were no further updates and the client started wondering what happened and realized that the architect still had not been able to go through the images.

It is ultimately the developer’s project and not the architect’s – so as the main project manager there must be a primary contact that is responsible for regular communication with the visual imagery providers or any other suppliers through the process.

“The squeaky wheel gets the oil – so don’t worry about politeness and make another phone call to your supplier”

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