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Dr Clotaire Rapaille, a marketing specialist, has written a number of books on the subject of why people make decisions and what compels them to action. In the latest book titled “7 Secrets of Marketing”, he believes that most buying decisions are strongly influenced by the reptilian brain, which is made up of the brain stem and the cerebellum. Only accessible via the subconscious, the reptilian brain is the home of our intrinsic instincts.

Dr Clotaire is known for advising politicians and advertisers on how to influence people’s unconscious decision making.

In an interview with Response Magazine, Rapaille remarked that “the best advertising addresses consumers’ real needs….when you address their unspoken needs they welcome you.”

Depending on our personality, our reptilian brain may crave familial warmth, tranquility, power, or security. Fortune 500 companies have long sought out Rapaille to understand the reptilian hot buttons that compel consumers to take action.

It seems that Rapaille’s opinion on purchasing decisions makes common sense. What is better – reading dry statistics on a house brochure, or being excited by attractive imagery of the home together with an emotionally compelling copy about the property?

Selling a home isn’t just about getting a home listed in a few places online. It’s doing so in a way that captures the imagination of your prospective buyers. After all, reading home specifications alone could easily put you to sleep. It’s not inspiring.  So what can you do to showcase your project in a more captivating manner?

Key Points to Consider

  • Emotional imagery compels your buyers to action much more so than flat statistics about the property
  • Photos of nearby lifestyle amenities – ie schools, parks, public facilities, shopping and cafe strips are great motivators for buyers
  • Emotional descriptions for the property’s key features rather than dry statistics – ie describing the bedrooms in the fashion of: “enjoy the beautiful outlook from your bedrooms windows towards the mountain views” versus 3 bedrooms.
  • There is a statistic that says that we remember only 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, but 50% of what we both see and hear. So our communication impact nearly triples when we use visual images that are compelling and emotive.

5 Elements to Maximising Buyer Attention to Your Project

Element 1 – Captivating Name & Brand

Branding a project creates an exciting identity for your project. Add a name and then you have something for your purchasers to identify with. In the more discerning market of apartment purchases – it is becoming vital to have an identity for the project.

Element 2 – Adequate Marketing Budget and Imagery

As a rule of thumb, between 0.5% – 1% of total construction cost should be allocated to a marketing budget. This way, there is enough allocated in the funds to put together the right team including a creative agency, 3D artist impressions agency, offline and online marketing campaigns and other items.

Element 3 – Lifestyle, Surrounds and Amenity

It is crucial for the purchasers to understand what kind of future lifestyle they can experience if they are purchasing the property to live in or what their tenants can experience if the property is going to be an investment. Obviously the more amenity surrounding the property – the more appealing the property becomes – hence you need to make sure to include as much information as possible and once again – the more visual it is – then the more memorable it becomes.

Element 4 – Exciting Fit-out & Visual Specification

In most projects today, an interior designer plays a very large role and a very important one at that too. To attract and captivate the purchasers – a professionally developed colour schedule and specifications that shows off the latest trends could well make your project win over many others which are put together by the developer, the agent or the builder of the project.

Element 5 – Team in the Project

Last but not least – to make your project captivate your purchaser’s attention is to bring up the quality and experience of the development team behind the project. Talking about the professionalism and quality of the build, presenting the artistic and specialised background of the architect and highlighting the track record of the developer – will surely make your project stand out versus many others.

Case Study

There are many examples of excellent development project marketing that we have seen around in the recent times and one in particular that we wanted to highlight.

We were recently involved in the project in West Footscray and the marketing team behind the project put together a very comprehensive campaign to the project. A creative agency was engaged to come up with the branding and the logo for the project. We were involved on the 3D artist impressions component and as the marketing director in charge of the project had a background in interior design – the interior fit-out was very detailed which made the interior imagery really stand out as it was on par with the latest trends in fashion and design.

Once the logo and the brand of the project was developed – then all the marketing imagery including the floorplans and floorplates carried the branding throughout so everything presented a consistent message of a high quality development.

In the end, as the project was launched – an online campaign was developed and email footers were put together with a link to a sales page that collected names and addresses.

Consequently out of the project in the first two weeks, out of the total project, 20% of the units were sold. In this current market – that is a great success!


There’s a saying in Russia – “Can’t sell a cat in the bag”, meaning that when something is so secretive and hidden – then it’s very difficult to sell it. So just like in property – in order to sell it – we need to describe it in as much colourful detail as possible.

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